Why Us?

We are a small in home breeder that loves our Standard Poodles. Their health is top priority with us. We do not keep our dogs in cages, they live with us in our smoke free home. We live in the country and we have been taking care of animals all our lives. 

East of Eden Standard Poodles
Puppy Contract


1. This warranty covers your newly purchased puppy from East of Eden Standard Poodles. You must take your pup to a veterinarian within 3 business days of the purchase for a puppy exam. I do guarantee all of our puppies will be healthy when they leave my home.

2. To the best of my knowledge, this puppy is free of any genetic defects such as blindness, deafness, or heart murmur. If your veterinarian finds a genetic defect in your puppy, you must call me immediately and return the pup to me within 5 business days from purchase date, with a written finding from your veterinarian for a full refund for you puppy.

3. I do not guarantee against any contagious illness that your puppy could contract from other animals. Please do not take your puppy in public places or around other animals until you see your vet and get cleared to do so.

4. I am not responsible for any fees incurred for your puppy when you take it to your vet, or any other expenses for your pup.

5. I do not guarantee the size or color that your pup will be as an adult. I do not guarantee that you will be able to breed your pup as an adult.

6. If at any time in your life you are unable to care for the dog, please call me first. I will take any of my pups back to keep them out of shelters and kennels and try to place them with another family for you. I also might even have someone waiting in line for an older dog to be donated to them.

After you have read, understand and accept all of the terms of this contract please sign below .

I agree that this puppy appears to be healthy and I am purchasing the puppy today




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Price paid _____________________________________________________________________________